Container service 24/7

More than 20 years

at the transport market


The experience that TKM employees have gained during all their way at forwarding and cargo transportation market allowed us to extend our cargo service.


Every client is approached individually, we pick the most sensible and beneficial method of storing your containers.


The container platform is located next to Pervaya Rechka railway station (1a, Mys Chumak Str.). The platform meets all requirements for storing containers of different sizes and types, has loading equipment, service facilities and staff destined for arrival, departure, loading and unloading, classification, temporary storage of containers as well as moving them inwards and outwards, and performing trade procedures.


Container platform capacity is 2,000 TEU.


We are happy to offer you full service on acceptance, processing and responsible storage in containers and vehicles of any type, including refrigerator ones, which may be plugged to electricity.


If nesessary or a client has made a preliminary request, we provide round-the-clock service on reception and delivery of empty and loaded containers.


WHERE to put a cargo or goods (container or terminal platform)?

HOW to ship a car or custom vehicle to another town?

WHERE to borrow a container? Or buy one for the own needs?

HOW to transport a container to the end consignee (auto, railways, sea)?

WHO in Vladivistok accepts and delivers containers to door?

Our company provides a bundle of service on terminal preparation of cargos which includes:


Storing 20' and 40' containers at the own open platform

Loading works

Reloading from 20' and 40' containers

Reloading of outsized, long length and heavy cargos

Crane truck assistance

Responsible storage of cargos in containers

Bundling or unbundling of cargos for a client's request


Options for use of containers:

Temporary use

Daily rent


You may temporarily use an empty container solely for shipment by railways with a passing cargo. The empty container is passed to a company's agent at the destination. The cost of using a container is due to the distance, route and yelding cities.

You may get a container for temporary use in other purposes, such as storing a cargo or shipping a cargo by yourself by any transport, if the container would be returned. The most common method of granting a container for both the lessor and lessee.

You may purchase a container not only for business, but for your own needs! In relation to periodic refreshment of the container fleet we put containers for sale. How much a container costs depends on its condition, type, size and seasonality.

Calculation of an even toughest problem takes less than an hour

Full-service approach to your business:
we'll deliver your goods, perform customs clearing and certification. No time to waste for search.

Custon clearing procedure is under full control of our specialists in the briefest time.

Our advantages

Quick reaction to a customer's requests:

Fast responses for any questions. Direct advice by a specialist if a callback has been ordered.


Legal support of foreign trade activity. We'll dispute any arbitrary actions of customs and other public services in any way including judicial.

Our company professionals are highly qualified, they are supported by state-approved certificates, and this allow us to quickly and properly help our clients in such problems as logistics, cargos delivery and customs clearance.

Customs clearing services in our company imply partial saving of funds due to choosing the most beneficial logistics routes, deep knowledge of effective privileged regimes and long-term experience of the employees. This is a real chance to save time and money, and assurance of success.

Flexible and transparent pricing policy.

Bargains are supported with contractual relationship and ensured with a set of accounting documents.


10 years of dependable works.

Client's calmness for the cargo safety, consistency and responsibility for cargo delivery, accurate fulfillment of deadlines and obligations are the fundamental focus of TKM Company.

What you should beware of:

Feeding a poor container.

Too low goods value.

How we work:

Direct interaction with a customer. We give the full information.

Responsibility for goods and services provided.

Fast performance. We save your time, if there's a lack of it. All operations will be done shortly.

That's the reason to guarantee your cargos 100% safety

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